When Darkness Reigns

Tony Estrada somehow managed to avoid the bloody gang culture of his neighborhood. Never arrested, at eighteen he enlisted in the Army on a three-year stint. Honorably discharged, he came home. He hadn’t been there a month before his arrest, the night that changed his life forever.

A veteran turned prisoner-serving life; Estrada was convicted of murder and plunged into the dark world of the Mexican Mafia, serving time in the meanest prison in California. With no one to trust, Tony was sustained by his faith and a deep, abiding sense of his own innocence.  Desperate, Estrada caught the attention of a renegade legal team daring enough to risk themselves in an heroic fight for justice. This is a story of honor defeating corruption, of redemption conquering despair, and truth overwhelming deceit.


Candlesticks is a true story that at its heart is based on characters created by Victor Hugo in his classic work of fiction Les Miserables. The use of a literary myth in an argument to save a man from imprisonment is a tactic rarely used before a judge. It typically would be dismissed as irrelevant to both the law and facts of a case. However, when the advocate for the accused has neither the law nor the facts on his side there may be occasion to risk being considered ridiculous. It is upon this small leap of faith and the petitioning of the supernatural that fiction sometimes becomes reality.

Saving Sergeant Tahmooressi

On March 31st, 2014, SGT Andrew Tahmooressi, with all of his worldly possessions in his truck, including three firearms legal to possess in the state of Florida, mistakenly exited the last off-ramp on Interstate Highway 5 in California, after realizing his mistake, he asked the Mexican federal officers if he could just turn around and go back into the United States. Instead, he was sent to secondary inspection where, when asked about what was in his truck, he freely told them about the guns and where they were located. Bringing firearms into Mexico is a serious federal offense, for which he could have received a sentence of 15 years in prison.
The story that follows is but one example of the courage and effort it took to win Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi’s release. A relentless battle fought on both sides of the border by Andrew’s mother, Jill Tahmooressi, myself, and many others. 

Santana's Last Stand

Santana, the “Devil Wind," is barricaded inside a house with hostages, surrounded by police. He is once again ready either to go back to prison or die by the sword that's governed his life. He’s wanted for attempted murder, strung out on heroin, and the end seems like a foregone conclusion. But fate and something much more powerful may have a different plan. 

Santana’s Last Stand is a true-story so powerful that it will change the way you look at everything, big and small. It is a story that you will find yourself thinking about years later as you lie in bed at night. It may be his last stand, but it won’t be his last chapter.